A safe bet in real estate

ikeka.inmoben is the combined result of years of personal experience in real estate with a clear objective: To provide the best customer service possible.

Personalised Service:  We guide our clients through the selection process of their future investment, based on property needs, preferences and budget.

Honesty, Reliability and Respect:  We not only believe that good business is built on these values, but we are absolutely convinced of it, and this commitment is reflected by our customer loyalty.

Our Work Ethic: We operate with complete transparency by providing property descriptions, photos, layouts and viewings and are here to assist with concerns or otherwise to ensure the experience is as pleasurable as possible.

Ongoing Professional Development: We specialise in marketing properties owned by private individuals as well as those sold by developers, and work closely with several lending institutions in the negotiation and sale of their bank-owned stock.  Additionally, we are always on the lookout to expand our property portfolio with developments in great locations, as well as new ways to offer our customers the best service.   


Download our pdf brochure to learn more about our company history.